ShoppingOwn.com is an Ecommerce Platform owned by "ShoppingOwn Ecom Services Pvt Ltd" having prime motto of "Ecommerce for All". ShoppingOwn is an Ecom IT Solutions company based on the unique "Ecommerce On The Cloud" (EOTC) concept (also under patent in our name) and enables businesses of all sizes to get a fully functional ecommerce website via an affordable Pay-As-You-Go model. The whole e-commerce infrastructure is made available to the Businesses ready to use and in-built within the website. Businesses can just REGISTER themselves, CONFIGURE their website parameters, categories, products, promotions etc and START SELLING online immediately.
The process of selling online using ShoppingOwn enabled ecommerce website is the easiest. After registration is approved, you can upload the details of your products (through Admin Mobile App or Web Panel) and start selling on your Independent domain or ShoppingOwn sub-domain (as per the plan chosen) immediately. The customers will see your products on your url and order online. You will receive the details of the order, delivery location and contact details of the customer through Email, SMS and Mobile App alert (as applicable). You confirm the receipt of the details and deliver the order within the stipulated period. You will collect the payment directly from the Customer in case of Cash On Delivery orders. ShoppingOwn will deposit funds in your accounts after the deduction of the online payment gateway charges within stipulated timeframe.
Not at all. Your registration gives you an access to admin web panel and mobile app where each and every option required to sell online is configurable e.g. Website look and feel, Logo, Delivery Locations, Delivery Timings, Minimum Order Value (MOV) for home delivery, MOV for Free Home Delivery, Delivery Charges, Product Timings etc.
No, You don't need to buy/maintain/install any hardware or software. Our unique concept of "Ecommerce On The Cloud" leverages the power of cloud computing to make the ready-to-use e-commerce infrastructure available to Businesses as an online solution. Both frontend website access by end users and the back office access by admin users is easily available via admin web panel and mobile application easily.
By default, there are some free products setup bundled in most of the plans. ShoppingOwn professional team does the setup of those number of products for you free to start with. Post that, you can either add the products yourself via an easy to use Admin Web Panel or Mobile App. If you want the ShoppingOwn managed products setup for more number of products, we have the Product Setup packages available. Please feel free to ask us for the same.
Please refer the plans above for the same. There are various combination of services available under each plan.
In case of a traditional ecommerce website, you need to usually hire a developer or IT partner who uses one of the e-commerce platforms available in the market to build your ecommerce website. Additionally, you need to do the required setups with third party agencies for Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, Email Gateway, Domain Providers, Hosting Providers etc to activate the various components of your website. Even after the website is created, you need to regularly do the maintenance work like backups, security, up-time maintenance etc yourself or hire a technical person for the same. ShoppingOwn takes away all these pains from you by providing you a ready to use ecommerce website with all the components in-built already and you don't need to worry about technology development or maintenance at all.
ShoppingOwn uses a Java based robust technology architecture indigenously developed within the company and does not rely on any third party providers or frameworks.
As fast as within one hour from the date/time of your order in ideal conditions. You just need to register, furnish KYC details, configure your website from panel and start selling.
ShoppingOwn works on NO Obligation/Lock-in concept. Businesses can decide to stop their website on temporary or permanent basis at any time during the usage without citing a reason and are not charged for the duration when the service was not being availed. Your url will be brought down during that time.
ShoppingOwn platform as a concept works only on the EOTC (Ecommerce On The Cloud) concept wherein the ecommerce website is enabled for the Business only as a ready-to-use shared e-commerce infrastructure at a very affordable monthly price and there is no physical code/files/hosting/rights applicable. Of course, if User is very particular about the code/rights etc, he/she can opt for the completely independent ecommerce website option too from us. Please feel free to ask us for the same.
Of course, ShoppingOwn being an Ecommerce IT Solutions company provides an option to build any kind of completely independent ecommerce website too using java based proprietary EmiCart engine or any other leading Ecommerce engines like Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, Wordpress etc. In that case, the EOTC concept or monthly payment options are not applicable and we build the independent website for the Customer.
Yes, You can do the same for ShoppingOwn Business, Professional & Premium plans. These plans by default include one .in domain for the duration of the service but if you want to use your own domain, we don't mind. We can link any domain to the ShoppingOwn enabled Ecommerce website service taken by the Business provided the Business has access/rights to the DNS configuration on the domain panel of the registered domain. The Micro plan enables the website on the ShoppingOwn sub-domain and does not have an option to link with your own domain directly unless you yourself run the website as an iframe.
ShoppingOwn supports Cash On Delivery, Online Payment and Card On Delivery (provided actually by the Merchant but allowed by the system) options. The options are made available to the website based on the plan chosen.
ShoppingOwn enforces the OTP (One Time Password) based authentication via SMS to ensure the accuracy of mobile number entered. This binds the user to furnish the correct mobile number only while placing the order and keeps away fake orders.
ShoppingOwn notifies the Business Owner about the new orders, low stock alerts etc via SMS, Email and Admin Mobile Application as applicable as per the chosen plan.
By default, ShoppingOwn team adds few categories and products to your website as per the applicable chosen plan before handing over the admin panel/app to you. Post that, you can quickly add more categories, products, variants and promotions to your website as per your wish using the admin mobile application or web panel. You can of course plan to buy the service of ShoppingOwn Managed Products Setup for additional Products Setup by ShoppingOwn expert team by paying the nominal charges as per the applicable plans.